Singer/songwriter Jon Mullins is a pop/soul force of nature from Nashville, Tennessee with an organic and original style built upon great songs, big vocal tones, and the kind of hooks that create global superstars. Mullins is a powerful and emotive singer who can make any crowd catch his vibe and feel what he’s feeling. His EP, 20 Something, is a perfect introduction to his artistic world and is available on all major platforms. The record is a seven-song dose of deeply-grooving modern hit single soul/pop and has drawn comparisons to John Mayer, Adele, and Sam Smith. Mullins’ articulate creative vision keeps him on his own turf, however, and he displays an easy magic that has the potential to reach millions of fans.

Mullins began playing guitar at age 14 and, within three months, wrote his first original song. He’s been hooked on the process ever since. His songs have become his way of sharing his stories and experiences with all who listen and pulling them into that moment with him. His immediately identifiable vocal texture allows him to stand out from his peers, capture attention, and deliver his messages in an authentic way. He’s an amazing live performer who gets lost in his lyrics and shows his true self to his fans. Jon Mullins is an emerging talent who belongs in the ears of anyone who loves memorable, accessible music and needs a new favorite song. Go listen and pick one!